The Pre 4 November Gun Thread

I am Mogget the Exegete and, as I have already exercised due diligence in the Quadrennial Varmint Detection and Selection Exercise, it’s time to prepare for the Day.

First, I’d like to introduce the newest member of my household:

Is she pretty, or what?  That’s the SA 1911 EMP.  My CC should be coming in soon, too.  It’ll make an unusual, if not unique, fashion statement in RS, or it would if anyone were to see it.  But we gotta be mindful of what the first “C” is for, eh!

And notice the JHP there on the left.  Who would have thought that the single greatest need in my storage might be another 200 rounds of Hydrashock, just in case the 2nd Amendment becomes a casualty of the messianic woes, so to speak?

So anyway, to the point of this post.  Have you noticed that gun shops are doing a booming business these days, even as the rest of the economy appears to be shrinking a bit?  It’s probably the right time for one of those EBRs before they’re all bought up.  What are your suggestions?  Should my purchase be adjusted for the results of the Varmit Detection and Selection Exercise?  Can you think of an EBR that might really, really, be irritating to any duly selected Varmit?  Or hey!  How about a suppressor?  Heheh.  Always wanted one of those…


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  1. That is what I meant. Not an actual rude comment, but a clever teasing comment. I should have thrown in a πŸ™‚ for affect.

    Now, granted I do not know you that well, but I am happy to know that you are not only a bible dork with a gun but that you are also trained to use is an effective manner.

    Not doubt your food storage will be safe….do you have food storage?

    As a peace loving πŸ˜‰ east coast suburban kid I really have not idea what half the things are that you mentioned.

  2. Oh, goody. I was afraid you were being hostile and all that. Too much of that going around here. Time for some grins.

    CC= concealed carry permit

    JHP = jacketed hollow point

    EBR = Evil Black Rifle

  3. Heheh. To shoot well takes a significant amount of discipline and practice. And of course, anyone who has a carry permit has been far more thoroughly vetted than at least half the Varmints currently competing for our support.

  4. Congratulations on the newest member of your household. Guns are one thing that are oft times never mentioned in preparedness discussions.

    You did have a question about the EBR (evil black rifle) though. If you are going to get one, get an AR-15 with a flat top. You can get regular sights for a flat top, and/or if you put a scope on it the handle that is found on an A1 or A2 AR-15 doesn’t get in the way.

    Anything that is chambered in 5.56 is fine though even if it’s a bolt action. Get 5.56, not .223. The commercial .223 can be fired safely in a 5.56, but 5.56 is overpressured for a .223 and it’s not safe to fire.

    Second choice in EBR is something that fire 7.62X39. These are the AK clones, SKS, and the like.

    Besides the EBR though EVERY household should have a few guns, and imo in this order:

    Shotgun – 12 gauge
    Rifle – large bore .30 or larger (30-06 or .308 are most common)
    OR Rifle – 5.56 or 7.62
    Pistol – 9mm absolute min, .40 or .45 preferred.
    2nd Rifle – Whichever of the above you didn’t buy first.

    You got the pistol first, which is fine, but for home defense and hunting nothing beats a good shotgun in utility.

    The rifle is for larger game…or longer range targets.

    The pistol is to fight back to your rifle or shotgun which you never should have left πŸ™‚

  5. I’m with Chris – I was lost on the acronyms. Also, does a Varmint walk on two legs or four? (Four legs good; two legs better!)

    Mogget, you are truly an unusual and wondrous specimen. /salute

    I’ve only fired a real weapon (as opposed to countless video game ones) on two occasions. The first, a 12-gauge when I was 12, terrified me. SO LOUD!!!!

    The second time, just a couple years ago (still loud, but I had better ear protection) at a firing range with a friend … and it was kinda thrilling. I wouldn’t mind learning how to do it right, except that we don’t really want one in the house.

  6. Nitsav,

    Heheh. Never a better time than now. Folks are always griping about covering the same old tired tropes in the ‘naccle. Just don’t tell your dad, okay?


    A 12 gauge is not the way to start! Go take a class or two with something a bit less impressive. You will enjoy it. Nothing funner than plinking with a .22. I have a nice Ruger .22 carbine that is a blast and it always works well to introduce folks to the sport.


    A double ration of nice, chaste Mogget kisses for you! Actually, the EMP is not my first firearm. I’m looking at the EBRs really hard right now in case one or more of the soon-to-be selected Varmints goes back on their happy campaign rhetoric. (I’ve already noted the number slide. No, not the various Varmint polls, but the shift from $250,000 to $200,000, and then to $150,000…)

    Thanks for the insights. In particular, I had forgotten about the .223 vrs. 5.56 issue, and the scope thing will be new. I am accustomed to iron sights. So good stuff. It is the AR-15 Bushmaster that I had looked most closely at, but the M-4 carbine is also an enchanting piece.


  7. Mogs, no problem πŸ˜‰

    TT, one of my local leaders brings his handgun to Church, but he works for The Man. I believe he’s required to carry it, along with his badge.

  8. Thanks, Mogs.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and for my first purchase I’m torn between a 12 gauge and a .45 semi. The former is arguably better for home defense, but with .45 ACP JHPs I understand you can reduce the penetration without sacrificing stopping power. Plus it can be used along CC permit

    For a shotgun, I’m probably going to go for either a Mossberg 500 Persuader or a Remington 870 Express. Or a blunderbuss.

    As far as .45s go, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Springfield XDs.


  9. Ben, the Springfield XDs are nice guns. I have on in 9mm (yes, I know) and it handles and points well. I also have a Colt 1911 A1 in .45 ACP which I shoot ten times as much as the XD. As far as caliber, go big. As far as the handgun, go with what feels best in your hand and what you are comfortable with.

  10. As far as handguns go,I think you’re right to go for the larger calibers. Myself, I have very small paws, even for a girl-Mogget, so I needed the cut down frame and the single stack mags. But if you can handle it, the .45 is the way to go. And I think the Springfield XDs are the most popular choice in their price range. I tried out the XD9 but it’s a double stack magazine.

    I used both the Colt 1911 (.45) and the Beretta M9 (9mm) back when I was playing Army. I much preferred the 1911 because it was single action but I think that they are uniformly more expensive if you have to buy your own. Trevor or Eric may know more, though

    For home defense you want a shotgun, I think. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t imagine that a single wall would stop a .45, even if the round were JHP. We probably ought to look at some reviews, though, just to be sure. And I am sure that there are others who know far more about it than I.

    Anyway, if you think you might ever want an EBR, you better get one now cause if you look at the voting record rather than listening to the rhetoric there’s good reason to be concerned.

    Hey Eric,

    Is that your wish list or your arsenal, buddy? πŸ˜‰

  11. One day when I’m not so ridiculously busy I want to get back into shooting. I was finally getting pretty accurate with my Glock (.40 S&W) but just haven’t been able to do much shooting the last few years. (Actually I lost the key to my gun safe 3 years ago)

  12. Shooting is real fun. I grew up shooting in the backwoods, dove hunting, shooting for beavers damming up our pond, and hunting large locusts with bb-guns. Fun times. Not necessarily an NRA supporter, but still see good recreation there.

  13. I have read in the news that our church does not allow concealed weapons in church. Maybe unconcealed weapons are okay. I wonder if the recent Supreme Court ruling will eventually force the church to allow concealed weapons in our chapels. Have you heard that the American Hunters and Shooters Association is convincing lots of gun owners in rural areas that, despite what the NRA is saying, Obama will not take away their gun rights?

  14. “I have read in the news that our church does not allow concealed weapons in church. ”

    Actually there was a letter written by the Church that was sent to Stakes and Wards in Utah. The letter said that carrying a concealed weapon is inappropriate. That letter was not sent to Stakes and Wards outside of Utah.

    I can’t remember the exact wording of it, but it was much like if someone was talking about running in church. Inappropriate, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

    That said, I was talking to a Christian friend about the issue and said “Carrying in church just seems wrong. I mean it’s church. It’s the thought that God would protect his flock” His reply was “maybe YOU are the person God had sent to protect the flock”. Made me think a bit more about it, but I still haven’t carried in church, though I carry everywhere else.

  15. Back when tithing and fast offerings still came in cash a lot of the time I knew a few Bishops or secretaries carrying when doing the Sunday night late night deposits. Of course does anyone use cash anymore?

  16. There are some Catholic priests around here who do carry, precisely because they have given some thought to those incidents when congregations are attacked. I have also known Mormons who carried in church.

  17. Cool. Gun-toting bishops. Sounds like a good LDS-themed action movie.

    “Tithing: The Dropoff”

    of maybe…

    “Last Action Laymen”

  18. I too recently decided to buy a gun. I chose a brand new AO m1 carbine. I don’t like hand guns and I didn’t really want a large rifle, so I found it to be a nice balance. The .30 carbine G.I. ball does have some issues so I bought a bunch of hollow points to make up for it.

  19. I carry a 9mm Glock, and I don’t even like Glocks but you can’t beat it for a carry gun. Holds 15+1 rounds and so light that I forget it’s there. I’ve found that I can shoot straighter with a heavier 9mm (I covet my neighbor’s Beretta 92) but a carry gun does you no good if it’s so bothersome to haul around that you leave it at home.

    I like the 9mm too because it’s something I can manhandle. I have big hands but I find that the .38 and above have just too much recoil for me to be accurate beyond about 20 ft. besides the first shot. With my 9mm I can keep all 15 rounds in a paper-plate sized area out to 30 yards. Also the ammo is cheaper which was a significant factor when you shoot as much as I do.

  20. As far as carrying in church, their private property rights to ban guns on the premises trump your right to carry. Since the LDS church has decided to ban guns on the premises except for LEOs, in Utah it’s an infraction, about par with speeding ticket (you can’t even lose your CCW over it). In Ohio where I’m from it’s a 2nd degree felony and you CAN lose your permit over it. Take what you will from that.

  21. Nice shooting, Bryan H.!

    Yes, you do have to follow the laws of the state in which you live and the wishes of property owners — and pay the price if you don’t. But if you qualify for a carry permit you’re probably the type that already does that, anyway.

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