FPR Best of 2012 Edition

This year was an interesting year for FPR.  We moved to Patheos at this time last year, but it didn’t seem to change us much.  In fact, you would hardly know it was the Mormon Moment by visiting FPR this year.  Not a single post on Mitt Romney, the Book of Mormon Musical, or Pantsmaggedon.

We did, however, actually play some important part in the Mormon Political Moment with Chris H.’s bid for Wyoming’s congressional seat.  Chris also suffered a real tragedy with the murders on his college campus by a gunman.

We had some great posts this year.  I haven’t sampled every FPR blogger, but it is worth checking out our year’s catalogue in full.  Here is a sample of some great, though-provoking posts from this year, like For Mother’s Day: Dependency and Rawls

gwesley had a very productive blogging year, including a great series on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife fragment, and a great post on the Book of Mormon.

This year we saw the return of mogget with a fantastic series of posts of the NT and the Book of Mormon.  There were more than a dozen posts so I am just going to link to the entire production for this year.  Check it out!

MormonDeadHead started a fascinating series on Scripture Mastery verses in context.

We were pleased to welcome RT on as a permablogger, who gave us some great posts, including one on the Documentary Hypothesis.

Smallaxe had some very important posts on the Maxwell Institute controversy and the nature of Mormon Studies, in addition to a follow-up to his controversial “Dear BYU Religious Eduction.”

TT weighed in on the Maxwell Institute with a take on the Legacy of FARMS and had some theological reflections about Historicizing God.

There were lots of others this year.  A big thanks to our bloggers, readers, and other Mormon blogs for driving us crazy and keeping us sane at the same time!

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