Announcing unofficial ([post] post) colonial Americas month

In preparation for the release of the new season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold, rumored to be out in September (in French only?), here’s what I propose for August:

  • Watch all 39 episodes of the original Mysterious Cities of Gold … at least as many as possible.
  • Read pertainent mini-volumes in the Oxford Very Short Introduction series, such as The Aztecs (2012; there is not one on Incas yet), The Conquistadors (2012), and The North American Indians (2010).
  • Reread the Book of Mormon in the context of all that.

The setting of the Book of Mormon is entirely pre-colonial, of course (unless you entertain the secularism of that dangerous T&S). Still the book itself refers to colonization. And it was in the aftermath of colonization that the plates were discovered, along with other Book of Mormon artifacts; the English translation published too. Plus the text continues to impinge on issues in the (post) post colonial Americas and wider world (web).

Feel free to join in.

Maybe a blog post or two will come out of this.

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