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My illustrious blogging career has reached a certain milestone of 200 posts. I started blogging in my current incarnation sometime in the Spring of 2006. On July 16, 2006 I started a blog called “Urban Mormonism.” I had been blogging for a number of years before that under various names, and finally decided to start a group blog with some other friends in the same situation. A little less than a year later, we joined forces with the bloggers at FPR.

In some ways, 200 posts in 5 years isn’t all that many. On average, it is a little more than 3 posts a month. I have had some time to browse over what I’ve written about in the last 5 years. In some ways it is like reading your own journal. I am often surprised by what I found, sometimes impressed, and sometimes a bit embarrassed. Some of those posts are simply announcing a guest blogger or some other minor matter of business, but the overwhelming majority are substantive reflections on topics I have cared about.

I have collected a few posts that on this review remain important to me. The list is a bit long, and I honestly left out many posts, important posts with many many comments, that were also quite good, but for whatever reason didn’t speak to me as I was putting this together.

Theology Posts










A few important reviews on issues related to homosexuality




Interpretation and comparison


Criticism of the Church


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  1. Very impressive! I’m at 51 posts. I can’t imagine 200.

    It is interesting to see, over time, what topics I seem most drawn to. Some I’m proud of, others I wonder why I go there again and again.

  2. Very good, TT! I’ve enjoyed your posts, and FPR in general, but then FPR covers scholarly scripture stuff, which is a particular interest of mine.

    (You got me curious how many blog posts I’ve put up. I really had no idea, although I believe I’m fairly prolific by Bloggernacle standards. I just counted, and if I got it right it stands at 363 at BCC, starting January 24, 2006, five and a half years ago. But a lot of my posts are more fluffy and less substantive than what’s usually going on over here.)

  3. Hey TT,

    I just (re)read through your posts on Mormon hermeneutics, scriptures, and criticism, and I thought they were fantastic (I have been thinking about a lot of the same issues lately, so it’s nice that you beat me to it and did most of the thinking for me! :P). Thanks for your contributions! I greatly appreciate them, and I hope you continue for a good long time to come.

    Best wishes,


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