Going to the Temple

This week, my family is taking a trip to Billings, Montana. The Billings Temple is our local temple.

I have not been to the temple for over two years. It has been even longer since I have done an endowment session. This may be the first time I have been excited about going to the temple since my sealing to my wife in 1998.

I am not sure what to expect. Well, I know what will happen…I have been before. I am just not sure what the experience will be like.

Nibley loved the temple for many reasons. For me, the thing which stuck out to me was his portrayal of the temple as a sanctuary from the world. As a social scientist and theorist, I am curios about symbols and images that I may have missed in the past.

On a personal level, I am going to the temple for a different reason. I am hoping to find my God. I have rediscovered my faith in him. Now I hope to find a relationship with him. I do not know if this is what I will find in Billings, but I feel that the temple should be a stop on my journey.

Thanks for letting me share my journey with you.

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  1. This is awesome. I have been to the Billings temple a few times and it is really well situated up against what the locals call The Rims (a mesa type of thing). This post is good for my soul.

    1. I am also excited because my bishop said there is a great steak place that we need to eat at…and I am all about sustaining my local leaders.

      My kids are excited because the hotel has both an indoor and outdoor pool.

  2. Have a great trip!!! And, if you run into any of my relatives in Billings (Ereksons — easily recognisable by the unique spelling of their name), say hi for me! 😀

  3. Have an excellent trip. And absolutely do not be embarrassed if, like me, you’re the person “holding up” the session while you get changed. 🙂

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