Saturday PM Conference Open Thread: Democrat Edition

Just kidding! It is a non-partisan thread, but my co-host for this session is Dan. He is also known as Dan the Good Democrat. We have partnered in many battles on the bloggernacle. With degrees in political science and library science, Dan focuses most off his energy on being a kick-butt dad.

136 Replies to “Saturday PM Conference Open Thread: Democrat Edition”

  1. haha, thanks for that intro Chris. Speaking of kick-butt dad, I’ll post on facebook pictures of us out kicking the soccer ball during the break. Mighty windy out there still, but getting warmer.

  2. It’s been 2 yrs since I’ve graduated, so nobody looks familiar. As a matter of fact, they all look either really old, or really young.

    Then again, if they got them from the BYU-I music classes, I wouldn’t have known them. I spent either all my time in the Smith Building or over in the library working.

  3. Random thought – I know it’s happened in the early Utah period, but would there ever be a time in the correlated era of the church that the voting WOULDN’T be unanimous?

  4. brandt,

    maybe not in the building. membership being voluntary, if one would have a problem with the church, or with a person, they’d generally just not show up.

  5. I want to say I heard some “dissension” after the priesthood ban was lifted, but that’s the last I can remember.

  6. I have always dislike that moniker, “The Mormons.” Doesn’t conevy ANYTHING about what we are.

  7. Good call, Brandt. I wonder if this is just Packer’s pet topic or if they plan on changing that whole campaign. I think it’s futile resisting the Mormon nickname.

  8. The husband is the head of the home, the wife is the heart….does that mean that the wife doesn’t have brains, and that the husband doesn’t have a heart?

  9. I don’t see a problem being associated with Mormon. He’s a good prophet, taught well of Jesus, compiled a most awesome account of Jesus’ teachings, and it differentiates us from other Christians.

  10. It is ironic that President Packer is talking about “leave it alone,” but he doesn’t seem to leave certain topics alone…

  11. Nice TV. I bet you that’s full 1080i! Could you imagine if the church put out General Conference in 3D? I’d feel guilty about falling asleep if that were the case…

  12. Being here in Michigan, without Dish/DirectTV (Comcast doesn’t have BYU TV), we’ve got our desktop computer hooked up to the flat scren, and the stream is coming through in at least 720p, if not full 1080. Much better than the old dial-up days of just listening to the audio. Man, that was so 10 years ago!

  13. I’m trying to figure out the over-under on the word “pornography” for Priesthood session tonight. I think I’m putting it at 9. Too high?

  14. it depends on who talks on it, brandt. it seems that pornography has become a standard “enemy” to family, and thus will be mentioned by almost every speaker here and there, mostly in passing, like in the current talk.

  15. He’s covering the traditional aspects of how to gain a testimony: prayer, living the principles, planting the seed, bearing a testimony, and so on.

  16. I like Matt Holland. Many were worried when he became pres of UVU–cuz face it, he got the job because of his daddy–but he has won over most in the liberal arts there.

  17. interesting thought there he brings up whether or not we are ready to accept judgment based on our desires. The question is, do we even understand what it is we desire in our hearts? Or is a lot of what we do in life not based on our desires, but upon other aspects? such as cultural pressures, ingrained habits, and so on.

  18. @Dan,

    My bad. “127 Hours” was the first thing that came to mind, I forgot the name to his autobiography which I read about 2 yrs ago. “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” was a fabulous read.

  19. One of my friends is Oaks’ granddaughter. His whole campaign to get singles to return to early 20th century dating habits started after he asked her why she wasn’t dating more. She told him that instead of going on lots of dates in pursuit of marriage, singles tend to “hang-out” more. Well, you should all know the rest of the story.

  20. so women should put a “righteous” desire for marriage over the desire for a career. Was that where the “overriding” was all leading? That just ruined a totally awesome talk for me.

  21. BiV,

    He did say something like that. I’m just curious why it is assumed “career” women can’t also get married, but yet “career” men can. It once again puts the woman under the man, as not capable of the same as man.

  22. Now I really need to watch Eyring’s talk. My grandfather was put in charge of the whole response and recovery after the Teton flood. All of his hair fell out shortly after. My grandma says it was the stress. People today ask if I’m related to the Loyd Ericson who helped them after the flood.

  23. Boy, I have a good friend who took the “do all you can to get married” advice. I think he dated anything that moved as fast as he could in a quest for marriage, right after our missions. I have never witnessed anything like it in my life. But he found his eternal companion and got engaged two months after we got home, and two weeks after he met the girl – incredible.

  24. Chris,

    It wasn’t an attack on career women per se, but it did keep up the tradition that career women somehow are incapable of having a family or husband, but yet career men can.

  25. narrator,


    not just Utah County. The Bible Belt has a higher preponderance of young marriages, and also a higher divorce rate.

  26. #119 Yeah, my wife and I were married at 23 and were astonished at the number of temple marriages – that happened at the same time as ours – were dissolved by the time were 26. Very sad.

  27. Dan, I will look up the direct quote later, but it seemed to me he was roundly condemning women who would make career a priority over marriage — even if this were temporarily during any time during their dating years.

  28. How are Steve Young, Danny Ainge, and Jimmer Fredette supposed to feel about the New Zealand Rugby story?

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