Welcome Guest Blogger: BHodges

It is my great pleasure to introduce our new guest blogger: BHodges. He is a familiar name and face around the bloggernacle and Mormon Studies circles. A recent graduate of the University of Utah (GO UTES!) in communications with a minor in religious studies, BHodges blogs at Life on Gold Plates.

Blair has published reviews and articles in a number of places (he really makes me look bad in this regard), including an article titled “All Find What They Truly Seek”: C.S. Lewis and the ‘Virtuous Unbeliever’ in the recently published Fall 2010 edition of Dialogue.

So, please welcome BHodges to FPR.

Now, go comment on his first post.

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  1. BHodges also wrote the entries on “Correlation” and the “White Salamander Letter” for our recent Mormonism: A Historical Encyclopedia. He can say more in fewer words than most people in the ‘nacle.

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