In defense of the Rodeo Clown

Now that I live in Wyoming, I feel that I must speak out on something. The title of rodeo clown is being misused and abused for a vile purpose.

A certain somebody claims that he is just a rodeo clown. Does he know what rodeo clowns do? I doubt it because rodeo clowns put their lives on the line. After a bull rider has been tossed from the bull, the rodeo clown leaps into action. Their goal is to draw the attention of the angry bull away from the rider who is very vulnerable to attack by the bull. The rodeo clown puts his life on the line.

Compare this to a disk jockey who taps into white anger. Not all that hard. Sure, it requires the ability to tap into the anger of the majority demographic, but few things are easier. While he may look silly doing what he does, it is not for protecting one who is vulnerable, it is often rallying the many against the vulnerable.

A clown…maybe. However, not a rodeo clown.

12 Replies to “In defense of the Rodeo Clown”

  1. If he compares himself to a rodeo clown, isn’t that an implied admission that he’s distracting us from real issues? How else could the analogy make sense?

  2. Yep, Beck got the clown part right. He emphasizes his role as an entertainer so much — I’m not sure why folks take him seriously.

  3. Let Beck ride a bull for a few seconds and then see what he has to say about rodeo clowns. As far as I can tell, he has never done anything more dangerous in his entire life than sit in front of a microphone on a padded chair and say outrageous things.

  4. And what have you all done, especially Jan? If you say served in the armed forces, I think you would have a point. Otherwise, probably sitting in front of your computer like me.

  5. I think they prefer “bullfighters” or “rodeo protection athletes” these days.

    Yes it’s a tough job. Perhaps, in an effort to show respect for the profession, Beck could trade jobs with a bullfighter.

  6. I served in the armed forces for 17 years, computer-boy, so my point stands. Glen was too busy doing drugs instead of serving his country when he could have, and now he’s a super patriot? I love it how all these war cheerleaders “had other things to do” when they had the chance to serve.

  7. Anyone catch Beck’s giant fib on the mall when he claimed to have held George Washington’s inaugural address? The people at Mt. Vernon say he did not, no one holds it. Sacred documents like that would not survive such pawing.

  8. I’m sure if questioned he would say that he held a copy. His veracity does not survive much scrutiny. He got nailed on the view for fibbing about some incident in a train with the Barbara Walters, et. al. But his followers don’t care. They want to be told what they want to hear and this guy delivers.

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