Your chance to re-make NT history

The Church Audiovisual Department Casting Office is looking to fill 30 plus roles for a new NT film (hat tip to c-bones). I’m going to apply as the “Possessed Man.”

10 Replies to “Your chance to re-make NT history”

  1. One of my classics professors thought I would make a good Zeus. I forget; does Zeus make an appearance in the NT?

  2. Well unless they are going to do the best scene in entire Bible, the possession/exorcism scene with the suicidal swine, I don’t want in. Oh wait. I just noticed that Pilate is included in the casting call. I would totally jump at the chance to utter that line of lines, “And what is truth?”

  3. Also, if pushed, I would probably also play the scantily clad young man who runs off naked in that awkward scene in Mark 14:51-2. The only hang up is that my body isn’t Adam-smooth and 100% Adam-hairless.

  4. Kevin:

    Zeus doesn’t show up until years later when Christian artists are looking for models for the father and O.T. prophets

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