Mormon Times: Social Justice in the Book of Mormon

Yesterday, I presented on Rawlsian social justice themes found in the Book of Mormon at the seventh annual meeting of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology. Mormon Times of the Deseret News did an article about me presentation.

The article does a good job of picking up on some of my main points. As a former reporter, I know that these type of presentations are not easy to cover. I would like to thank Michael De Groote for coming to the speech and the article. I was not expecting it.

I would also like to thank Blake Ostler for kindly introducing me. I also received some great comments and questions from Blake, James McLachlan, Ben Huff, and Jennifer Lane.

I will post the paper, including segments not covered at SMPT, here at FPR later this week. Check out the Mormon Times write up for now.

8 Replies to “Mormon Times: Social Justice in the Book of Mormon”

  1. “Mormon Times of the Deseret News did an article about me presentation.”

    Talking like a pirate is always a good thing.

    Sounds really interesting Chris. I look forward to hearing or reading it.

  2. “most Mormons would not be excited to live in a social democratic system” only because they haven’t tried it! Hyvä Suomi!

  3. Can’t wait to read the article. I have been somewhat dismayed lately (actually my whole grown up life!) that we are in this great war of political power where all sides draw up certain “words” that are associated with the others class. The word “social” to many, especially in the church , bring up thoughts and associations with Nazi Germany in WW2 and Communist Russia. I was speaking of this great dilemma yesterday with my brother and said that there are a lot of things “social” that apply to building up Zion.

    Instead of “social” I suggested “cooperative” where everyone pitches in together to create a system of perfect equality.

    I do feel most generally believe that all people born have the divine right of equality. How that is achieved is basically what is generally fought and debated over.

  4. People who live East of, say Highland Blvd. were among the most valiant in the pre-mortal life. Those who live in Rose Park, weren’t.

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