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There are a couple of events in the Dallas area that I will be attending in the coming months. I thought others might like to know about them. Both are free and open to the public. If anyone wants to get together before or after I am open for that. If you don’t want to see me, I can’t say that I blame you, but the events should be pretty good.

The first is this Saturday at the University of Dallas. Amy-Jill Levine will be giving the Landregan Lecture on the Good Samaritan. She is Jewish and teaches New Testament at Vanderbilt Divinity School. With that background, a lecture about a story for Christians, which includes inconsiderate Jewish priests and Levites, should be unique. For more info go here. I have listened to many of her courses on tape, hopefully she is just as good in person.

The second is in February and is sponsored by the North Texas Orthodox Missions. It will feature several lectures and many locations throughout the Dallas area. For more info go here. I am especially exited to hear the lectures by Father Justin. He is the librarian at St. Catherine’s, the traditional site of Mt. Sinai. He also is working on the Codex Sinaiticus project. Plus, he has a wicked cool beard (all Orthodox monks do)! For Bible geeks, he’s the dude on the cover of the Nov/Dec 2007 Biblical Archaeology Review. Also speaking will be Fathers Peter Gillquist and Eugen J Pentiuc who worked on The Orthodox Study Bible. As I said the lectures are spread over multiple days all over the Dallas area. The final lectures will be at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Dallas. It’s a newer Orthodox church but very traditional with incredible ceiling paintings (I saw them at the Dallas Greek Food Festival, they really are gorgeous).

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