A Disappointment

I posted recently about a little Iraqi boy who had been doused in gasoline and lit by fellow Iraqis. I did so to call attention to his plight, to mourn the evil in the world, and try to counteract it with good by bringing it to light.

Two Evangelical bloggers decided that it was an appropriate time not to sympathize, not to speak of action or support, not to mourn, but to take swings at LDS theology.

One of them, perhaps, was simply in jest or bad taste. He later suggested I remove his comment, which I did. The other who commented, well, let’s just say I’m not surprised, given what I know of him. He fits the Evangelical stereotype many LDS hold.

I grew up with two good EV friends, one who went on to get a PhD in Christian Ethics. I think she would be disappointed in those comments, and make sure I, as a Mormon, knew that not all EV’s would have responded the same way. I’m glad to have had her example in the past. I wish I had more of them.

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  1. With respect… “Iraqi”, “Muslim”, “Christian”, and of course “Evangelical” are just words used to label people. All human beings are the same. Only lack of understanding separates us. Nationality, colour, accent, politics, and race are (again) not what a person IS. We know a person by understanding a person. We know ourselves by understanding ourselves.

    No Self
    No God

    Know Self
    Know God


  2. “All human beings are the same.”

    Obviously those criticizing Nitsav and the Mormon faith do not share this perspective.

  3. As one of the offending posters, I express my own disappointment with myself and hope you accept my apology.

    I could perhaps attempt to give justifications for my post, but they would just be justifications. The minute I hit “submit” I regretted my impulsive action.

  4. Tim, FWIW, I don’t lump you and Aaron in the same category. I know “Evangelical” is not a monolithic term.

    Thanks for the comments in general though. Your presence is appreciated.

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