Welcome Guest Blogger: MormonDeadHead

We are also pleased that MormonDeadHead as agreed to guest blog with us!  MDH likes studying the Bible.  We are looking forward to his contribution!

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  1. I will be really disappointed if the DeadHead part of MormonDeadHead doesn’t refer to the Grateful Dead. This now makes at least two devoted Grateful Dead fans on FPR. I have loved them ever since I first heard Black Peter in the fourth grade. By the seventh grade I remember making the conscious decision to not be the kind of fan who wore the tshirts but who imbibed the music nevertheless. You all should go to archive.org and check out its astounding collection of streamable and downloadable Grateful Dead concerts. I have spent hundreds of hours of my graduate student life listening to concerts ranging from the 60s up through the nineties as I thumbed through lexica and grammars. There is something ineffable about reading the Corpus Hermeticum while 20 minutes into a Dark Star.

  2. As oudenos said, there are countless hours of amazing shows at archive.net. May I also suggest http://www.nugs.net under “free stash” that also provides free (and legal) SB quality recordings. For the uninitiated, check out the legendary run of shows in early May of 1977: 5/5 in New Haven, 5/7 in Boston (I have a prof who was *at* this one), 5/8 in Ithica, and 5/9 in Buffalo. The 18 minute+ version of Sugaree along with the Scarlet Begonias–>Fire on the Mountain at the 5/5 show are the first songs that started me down the path of Deadhood (also sans the tie-dyed t-shirts among other things:)).

  3. I was sure that I was the only Mormon Deadhead in the world. What an awesome discovery. I hope to hear at least one post about the parallels between Deadhead/Mormon infalible leader claims. 🙂

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