Northern Lights Tonight

It may be possible for many in North America to see the Northern Lights this evening. A link showing the predicted extent by latitude is here. Click on the link for the northern hemisphere for a larger display.

As always, a dark sky and an unobstructed view in northerly directions are important. David J., however, ought to be made in the shade on this one.

–Astro Mogget

On Edit: Probably tomorrow night, but tonight is possible as well.

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  1. Okay, it’s 9:18 PM CDT right now, and so far I don’t see anything. I’ll keep you guys posted. It’s getting cold outside, but I’ll stick it out. I’ll take this one for the team. I’ve never seen the aurora borealis before.

  2. Hm. I take it that the absence of a report means the absence of a sighting. I’ll check and see if/when/where it was seen when I get home this afternoon.

    Never fear, David J., you will see the AB from your current location. I, on the other hand, usually cannot even see Polaris from my front porch cause of the big cities.

  3. Mogget,

    It was cloudy both nights where I am. Sorry I missed it. I wish I could have seen it — I’ve never seen it before (other than TV).

    Are you a space junky? I’ve been a space junky all my life. Love this stuff.

    Have you read any of John Pratt’s work on astronomy and gospel stuff? I bought one of his books and really liked it.

    But, how is it related to faith-promoting rumors??? 😉

  4. The shock wave from the coronal mass ejection event arrived at about 4:50 EDT today. It was something of a glancing blow, with a solar windshock of about 60 km/sec, nowhere near as violent as, say, an EQ basketball game.

    how is it related to faith-promoting rumors

    David J. Too much lollygaging during seminary for you. I, on the other hand, was paying attention and learned that there are people on the Sun. I have been concerned about them ever since.

    space junkie

    Well, actually, slightly more than that. But I do have two telescopes, an 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain and a 4-in Newtonian. It’s just that the east coast is ridiculously bright. I’d have to go into Pennsylvania to stand a chance of seeing much of anything except the moon and the sun. Last summer, while I was staying in Island Park, ID, the difference between the sky there and here was astounding.

  5. there are people on the Sun

    That’s nothing. My seminar teacher tried to convince us that the lost tribes were inside a hole in the earth and would one day emerge from the whole and already be Mormon. Or… wait, I think it was under the polar ice caps? Can’t remember.


    I wish my budget could go there. Do you have camera equipment hooked up to it?

    nowhere near as violent as, say, an EQ basketball game

    LOL! The most violent of all sports, methinks.

  6. Dang! I’m quite sure that I learned that the Ten Tribes were on Polaris — more astro connnections, doncha know. Or maybe it was the City of Enoch. Those were the days. I had no idea was Romans said, but I could go on forever about the Ten Tribes.


    Tis the day of the CCD. I do have camera equipment, but since my ‘scope only drives in one axis, astrophotgraphy is not all that satisfying unless I take all night getting a good polar alignment. Plus, there’s that whole business of hypering the film, as well.

    Buy an old farm, set up a pedestal mount with a swinging overhead shelter away from the house, and run the optics via your computer. It’s usually warmer inside…

  7. Polaris

    Now way, didn’t you see “Contact”? They’re on Vega! Viva Las Vega, baby!

    Maybe we should start a “outlandish 10 Tribes Whereabouts” post? I’ll have to think on this one. It might break a lot of hearts…

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