Historical Mormon Smackdown: Standard Works Edition!

Well, the last time we did this, the Book of Mormon hero wupped up on the Biblical one. It got me thinking about this, a subject destined to become this week’s smackdown!

Scriptural Mormon Smackdown: Standard Works Edition!
Not that one is, but if one was, which of these Standard Works is the most important: The Pearl of Great Price or The Old Testament?

The Pearl of Great Price is the source of all of our knowledge regarding Kolob and most of our knowledge regarding Enoch.

The Old Testament has Isaiah, Genesis, and several other LDS proof-texts.

Please vote and then comment below.

8 Replies to “Historical Mormon Smackdown: Standard Works Edition!”

  1. I vote for La Perla de Gran Precio. Mostly because of how much light it sheds on how much Adam and Eve knew…if we only had the OT account, the temple movie would be even weirder. haha ~~

  2. Old Testament for me, too. The Pearl of Great Price really doesn’t make much sense except in conjunction with/response to the Old Testament text… Posted by RoastedTomatoes

  3. PGP all the way.Let’s Compare-OT: handed down through oral and written records over many many generations, multiple translations made, almost all by non-prophets, multiple parts left out, some extraneous material stuck in.PGP: revealed directly to a prophet of God, and the book of Moses in particular given to CORRECT the mistranslation/hacked version of the OT.hmmmmmm, is it really such a tough choice?

  4. FHL, I went with these two because I figured that the Book of Mormon would be a shoe-in (sp?) in a straight up battle. Posted by John C.

  5. I think it’s “shoo-in” (Merriam- Webster agrees with me.) Rob: another thing PGP has going for it – no Song of Solomon. “comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love.”

  6. FHL, I think that that is just another veg reference being snuck in here.ps. I just now figured out who you are. Slow I am. Posted by John C.

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