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I love the initiatory. I went to the temple and did initiatories last night and it occurred to me why I enjoy it so. There is a physicality to it that is missing from the other temple ordinances. I have to get up and move around and do things. I understand that all temple ordinances are somewhat passive (these included), but I liked the motion. It reminded me of the time I went to an endowment session in the Manti temple.

A well run initiatory session is like a ballet, a machine where the cogs are placed in just the right spots to catch each other. Last night’s was not well run. The men helping me hadn’t done it in a while and were stumbling over some of the things they had to say. But it was still beautiful, a reminder of God’s choice to use imperfect humans to accomplish his perfect goals. It kept me grounded.

What do you think of this ordinance? Please keep your comments appropriate to the forum (ie. this ain’t no temple, don’t pretend it is).

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  1. During my personal Golden Age after I came off my mission and before I went to the Jerusalem center, I was a temple worker. At first, I was most uncomfortabel with the initiatory, since it’s the most personal and I tend to be somewhat introverted.In spite of that, I really came to love and look forward to performing the initiatory. It was my favorite assignment. It seems to me that that is where the blessings are the most tangible, where something physical and real actually happens. The rest of the ordinances are performative, ie. we speak, we move, but nothing *happens* per se. I also love the initiatory becauase it provides the framework for the rest of the ordinances, if you’re paying attention and you know your Old Testament…Ben S.

  2. I think that they are my favorite as well. Though sealings come in a close second. I especially like to sealing with a bunch of people from the ward and (don’t tell) with other people than my spouse — I think it fosters a real sense of community. There is also physicality to it that I like.I would second Ben’s description of initiatory as setting the framework, though I know I am much less knowledgeable. It gives me great hope for what can be achieved in this life.

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