If you weren’t you, who would you be? [edited]

The discussion at Nine-Moons prompted by Annie’s post has taken an interesting turn that I would like to explore.

If tomorrow all of Mormondom disappeared, which of the remaining religions would you join, if any? In other words, of all the religions out there, which do you find most appealing and why?

Myself, I think that I would be most likely to go Unitarian. Something about the looking for good wherever it is to be found appeals to me. I have a feeling that I know which way Ronan would turn. How about you?

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  1. Congrats on the new blog!I think you’ve got a point with the UUs. Though if Mormondum were to dispear, I think I would probably go to an extreme Naturalistic perspective. I would have to explain all the manifestations of God in my life. If Mormonism was fallacious, then there would have to be some underlying properties of biology and nature that would have to do the explaining.I would still recognize that religion is good for society and culture, but I think I might end out in a place like Camille Paglia or something.Oh, BTW, you need to enable non Blogger users to post comments.

  2. I would definitely try to find something that has shorter meetings and fewer time obligations. My experiences at Episcopalian churches have been okay, but I don’t know that I would be able to take the plunge. I’d rather have a situation where I show up once a week, hear something out of the Bible, and then take off.

  3. I’d probably go for something totally different and be a Muslim. Your blog looks like it will be interesting. And thanks for the link to our blog.

  4. I think I’d be a Catholic because I like the liturgy and the sense of papal authority.But then again, Southern Baptist also appeals to me because of the free praise of the Savior.

  5. Welcome JC!Does no-one here feel like starting their own religion? How about a Oneida community for the 21st century….

  6. I am shocked (shocked!) that I guessed wrong. Guess he has too much of the Mormon or the Jedi in him.I am surprised that no-one has yet gone pagan (although, I suppose it is possible that I have).

  7. Eastern Orthodox. All the way. They’ve got a good authority story, they’re a lifestyle committment, they don’t get all binary and reductionist about salvation doctrine like the Prots, they feel communion with all saints past and present, they relate to periods of oppression, the litergy makes use of symbolism and enactment which will help when I would miss the temple. I just need to get enough of you to go along with me, otherwise I’ll be the only one in the congregation who’s not an immigrant. You guys won’t mind the one-year waiting period to be baptized, would you?

  8. I think I’d have to go for Catholic, though I’m not sure which flavor. Something with incense and chanting in Latin, ritual and mystery. Or nothing at all, though burning incense and chanting at home can get you some funny looks…I guess I’d have to learn some Latin too…Ben S.

  9. I would probably end up with a group of Christians that believe that the gifts of the Spirit have not ceased but at the same time don’t abuse/misuse the gifts of the Spirit. I trust that the Gift of the Holy Ghost would not leave me if the Church suddenly disappeared, and I would still want to worship with others that try to follow the Spirit.-Brent Posted by Brent

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