Idle speculation

So, now that Bannergate is over (and really, what more is there to say after this), let’s move on to outing the other spectacular anonymous star of the bloggernacle: The Bloggernacle Snarker! (sorry, anonymoose and A.Nonny.Mouse).

The Snarker is harder to track down than the BoH people in part because the Snarker only rarely comments on other blogs. In fact, the only time that I know of is when the Snarker emphatically denied being Kurt (after Kurt emphatically denied being the Snarker(or did he)).

Due to Kurt’s obsession with Steve’s honesty (or, I should say, lack thereof), I will take him at his word (for now, at least). I have an idea as to who the Snarker could be, but I think that I will stick my speculations in the comments.

Okay, Bloggernacle, since we must not have secrets, who is the Snarker?

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  1. Additionally, as has been pointed out, the Snarker knows a bit about English football, and firmly believes that Crystal wants to be on BCC. The Snarker obviously feels that the stings from the BoH scandal should be treated with tobacco…er, a dose of good humor. The Snarker is someone who is relatively new to the ‘nacle (who identifies oneself as someone who cruises the ‘nacle but doesn’t post much). At this moment, I have heard both a Random John and Kurt posited as possibilities for the Snarker. I don’t believe that it is either one actually. I think it is Susan M. I don’t know if she knows English soccer, but she knows Irish rock so that’s a possible connection. She clearly thinks the scandal and the reaction are over the top. She obviously finds much of what she finds in the ‘nacle silly. She still considers herself primarily an observer of the community, rather than a participant (I have that impression at least). Plus, she is plenty funny and snarky in her own right. So Susan is my current prime suspect. Thank you.

  2. You know, I haven’t a clue who the snarker is.

    I was looking through my site stats last night trying to narrow it down. After all, the BoH mystery was solved with IP addresses, but I am mostly computer illiterate.

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