Bloggernacle Fantasy Football

Sure, the bloggernacle is a place to discuss obscure points of doctrine and the true meaning of Zelph. It is a place where you can scratch your itch for intellectual approaches to the Gospel and fluffy testimonials. But where can you get the violence, the splendor, the glory, the gory of NFL football in the ‘nacle?

Well, right here, assuming that I get 6-10 interested nackers.

Announcing the Bloggernacle Fantasy Football league! Knock heads with Kaimi*! Drill Steve Evans* into the dirt! Watch Ryan Bell* juke Kristine Harris*! Catch a Hail Mary from Rosalynde Welch*! Get sacked by Danithew*!

Let me know if you are interested.

*actual participation by said Bloggernacle luminaries is dependent on their actually wanting to participate. Also, all afore-mentioned violence was and will remain purely metaphorical. Thank you.

8 Replies to “Bloggernacle Fantasy Football”

  1. John C., I just posted an identical post yesterday at Kulturblog. Check it out. We have two or three interested people over there. Count me and them in and feel free to post on that thread too. We can join forces to create a great league. Posted by Brian G

  2. Assuming this post isn’t a tongue-in-cheek metaphor for some scriptural smackdown … I’m looking for a fantasy league, but I’ll be traveling in Ireland until the 8/30. Email me if you still have an opening.Sign me,FFL addict Posted by queuno

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