Applying for Hill Cumorah

My family has applied to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant cast this coming summer.

The pageant depicts the story of the Book of Mormon and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon through Joseph Smith. I saw the production once when we lived in Auburn, NY. My wife saw it a couple of time when we lived there. She was also a cast member as a teenager. Now that we have a permanent teaching position, we can do something fun as a family rather than moving this summer.

Now this is a rather cheesy Mormon thing for me to do. However, I am pumped about the possibility of doing this with my wife, two sons, and my daughter. Our comfort zones will be stretched for sure. It will also be a taste of missionary work. This is something we are rusty at.

I am personally excited about the possibility of performing. I am much less shy than I was as a teenager. This will be fun. My wife thinks I will make a good King Noah. I am not sure what to make of that.

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  1. Wonderful! We know several families who have done that and at least one family that participates regularly each year. They always have an amazing experience, kids and adults.

    We keep meaning to go to the pageant since it’s so close. Perhaps next summer. (Palmyra Bloggersnacker, anyone? : )

  2. I grew up in Delaware and we went to the Pageant a few times. Chris, take note whether you notice this phenomenon: folks at the Pageant and involved in it call it Pageant, like “We are going to Pageant this year” or “Are you participating in Pageant this year?” The definite article drops out, like how the Brits say go to university or hospital. Strange. Anyway, have fun!

  3. Researcher: where are you at?

    oudenos: that is so true. When we lived in Upstate (we were not even an hour from Palmyra) people often referred to Pageant in talks and lessons. “it is like that part in Pageant.”

    I will have to write soon about the Sacred Grove.

  4. It is my impression that participating is actually much cheesier than watching (what with non-stop devotionals and testimony meetings and whatnot), but most people who do it enjoy it. Researcher–where do you live? I would definitely be down for a Palmyra or Rochester bloggersnacker.

    BTW–casting is done mainly by height and Noah is generally a tall older man–it is one of the plumb spots. But a very heavy costume. In fact, the costume may preclude you from proselyting in the crowd.

  5. Cool. I did that with my parents and three brothers (16, 14, and 9) the summer I was engaged. It was a fun experience. The pageant has been changed since I was in it. At first we were somewhat embarrassed, as we were wearing black speedos under loincloth/animal skins, but as it turned out wit the hot humid weather, we were really well off. My Dad had a wig + long robe costume, and sweated a ton.

    We lived in the campground behind the hill with the others, affectionately dubbed Zion’s Ghetto.

  6. ESO, I will be 34. But I am graying, 6 feet tall and rather large. As long as I do not have to wear what Ben wore…I will be good. I, too, would be interested in a Palmyra area snacked. I interviewed two years ago at Monroe Community College, but unfortunately I did not get the position.

    Ben, we are looking at staying in the dorms at William Smith/Hobart. I have not given much thougt to the humidity. Yuck.

  7. They’ve eliminated our costumes, in favor of something that shields the delicate audience’s eyes from man-flesh, lest they go wild and try stuffing 5-onti bills into our loincloths 😉

    We did it in ’99, and I’m not sure when it got changed.

  8. I’m five hours southeast of Palmyra, so don’t plan a bloggersnacker around me. : )

    If all the arrangements come through for you, Chris, I’ll look forward to your blog posts, and perhaps this will be the year that my family finally makes it to the pageant.

  9. I am guessing you won’t be Noah, then, but the odds are much better on my guess than on your wife’s. Hey–MCC is in my ward–you would have loved it. Oh well.

  10. We got our rejection notice today. Very bummed.

    I guess I should apply for the Bushman Seminar. I am also going to see if I can get a seasonal position at a historical park somewhere.

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