Rally for Sanity and/or Fear Open Thread Announcement

On Saturday at noon eastern time/10 am Mountain time, the rally on the mall in Washington, DC hosted by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert will begin. Here at FPR, I will be hosting an open thread for those of us watching on TV.

We started this month with General Conference and we will end it will Stewart and Colbert. My kind of October (that, and it has been quite warm here in Casper).

I will be watching the rally because I love their comedy. I do not view it as a rally for moderation as some have said. I love Stewart and Colbert because they loathe the same people I loathe. It is Northeastern elitist cynicism at it’s finest.

On the open thread post, I will have more information on where to watch. I do know that it will be covered by Comedy Central (both TV and online) and by CSPAN.

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  1. There’s a local Utah chapter(?) of the rally tomorrow at 10am at the Salt Lake City Library. So far nearly 1,000 people hope to be there (at least that many are telling Facebook that they’ll be there).

  2. fyi–I knew that. I was referring to the style of satire, not their respective place of origin. Maybe a little too conceptual early in the morning.

    Jana: I am sure you are strong and can deal with it.

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