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  1. #10, hands down. I think a different performance is in a later church video. Not sure which one, but something in the late 1980s.

  2. Mark D,
    I believe it was “The Prodigal Son” video. The song is the background during the montage of the prodigal son’s past, IIRC.

  3. # 10 pre-dated this tape. It was sung at a YW conference in the early 1980s, and appeared in the New Era in 1984. This I remember because I was a young married person when the Bounce Back tape came out… I recall hearing that insipid Bounce Back track, but NONE of the others.

  4. PS, what you should notice is that #10 as sung contains the original phrasing “One who loves you more than me is sending blessings fast.” (see the January 1984 New Era). I remember the grammar tantrum that phrasing provoked. The current version has the grammar corrected to “One who loves you more than I”–but I think it sounded better as “me”.

  5. Coffin, I never knew about the grammatical change. I prefer the “loves you more than me” version, but now that you’ve pointed out the alternate reading of it I hear it the wrong way now. Ha! Who says God never plays favorites?

  6. I think that the me vs I thing depends upon whether you are eliding a “more than I do” or simply making a comparison “more than me”–the former sets up a subject/verb clause, the latter a comparison which demands an object rather than a subject for the person or thing compared. Granted, my understanding is based upon conventions of Greek grammar.

  7. More than I “do.” Okay, that makes sense. I thought it was saying that he loves you more than he loves me. I guess I should have listened to it to get the context.

  8. It’s probably the weakest/weirdest line in the song anyway. I think it is supposed to emphasize the fall-limited love of mortals versus God’s unconditional love. But why? I guess it’s nice to know that God loves me more than some singer or songwriter whom I’ve never met, but I get the feeling the singer is supposed to be a stand-in for a very close friend anyway. So God loves me more than my closest loved ones on earth?

    I will try to over-analyze this line further on my own time. It reminds me of the fun we can have over-analyzing weak inspirational quotes like the one I saw this weekend:
    “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”
    Unwrap that one.

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