Saturday PM Session Open Thread: Did the people blog about King Benjamin’s address?

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Here is my introduction from this morning’s session:

I personally think that the best way to watch General Conference is with good friends, good food, and good commentary.  Since we are low on good food and I do not have any friends (conference-watching, at least) in the area, I thought that maybe I could go for some good commentary at FPR with some of my ‘nacle friends.

I realize that other blogs are going to be doing this on a bigger and better scale. However, I am not trying to compete with anyone. This is about enjoying conference at home…at Faith-Promoting Rumor.

107 Replies to “Saturday PM Session Open Thread: Did the people blog about King Benjamin’s address?”

  1. Ya, I thought about making a comment correcting my other comment, but then decided only a petty, petty person would stoop so low as to make fun of it. Someone as petty as me.

  2. I’m actually surprised at how often I do recognize the names. I probably shouldn’t be given the number of quorums of 70 that now exist. Maybe they should start reading the names of the men who aren’t in one or another of the quorums.

  3. My favorite part of many parts of conference is imagining how they will look as Wordles on Keepa’s traditional Conference Wordle puzzle in a week or so. This song, for instance, would have a huge ZION in the center, a good-sized Beautiful running parallel to it, and a scattering of other words around it.

  4. 19 — Yes, Tracy, sometimes vocally, and sometimes with great (but failed) attempts to disrupt the meeting. Happened a few years ago, within my memory. Can’t remember what their beef was, but they didn’t make it on camera. There was a slight pause by the elder at the podium, but no other sign at home that anything was happening.

  5. from Webster’s 1828 dictionary:

    A’GENCY, n. [L. agens. See Act.]

    1. The quality of moving or of exerting power; the state of being in action; action; operation; instrumentality; as, the agency of providence in the natural world.

    2. The office of an agent, or factor; business of an agent entrusted with the concerns of another; as, the principal pays the charges of agency.

  6. Chris, i don’t consider it nit-picking. I think it’s a myth that needs to die. I consider many of my atheist friends to be far more moral than many of my Mormon friends. I get tired of people implying (or directly saying) that non-theists have no morals.

  7. I can’t wait for the talk where they discuss exactly how they rejected Jesus. I think Mormon said it was wars of aggrssion

  8. Ok, allow me to simply state what bothers me about this. “Public Morality” can be drawn from a variety of sources, not simply (or even primarily) religious ones. Not trying to be snarky at all.

  9. I actually think that he made a strong argument. It was thoughtful and draws on people who I really respect, I just disagree. Ralph Hancock will love it.

  10. President Uchdorf was as good as Cook was bad. The difference in tone and content was stark. It was almost as though they got together in advance and decided to do a good cop bad cop routine.

  11. #70, Untold doesn’t always mean, that the action hasn’t been told.

    un·told   /ʌnˈtoʊld/ Show Spelled
    [uhn-tohld] Show IPA

    1. not told; not related; not revealed: untold thoughts.
    2. not numbered or enumerated; uncounted: She used untold sheets of paper in writing the book.
    3. inexpressible; incalculable: untold suffering.

  12. I’m wagering $50 that next week someone in church will say that the double use of ETB’s 14 fundamentals is evidence that we need to be subscribing to them even stronger.

  13. Anderson, good guy, but he speaks like he is a bad actor trying to use inflection and facial expression but doing is at the wrong moments.

  14. Brother Gong did a nice job of sharing his beliefs without having to disparage those who don’t share them. I wish more conference speakers took that approach.

  15. #93 I’m assuming that was in reference to #90. If so, #90 was a sarcastic response since Edgley’s talk was in regard to faith.

  16. I told my daughters that I thought it was cool that Elder Anderson mentioned two of their g-g-g-grandfathers in his talk, but 35th generation? Elder Gong FTW!

  17. Elder Scott came to my mission to meet with missionaries, but I was on another island and didn’t see him. I later asked one of my companions what he though about him. The only thing he could say was that “his hands were squishy.”

  18. #103-Probably closer than almost anyone else in the stake…I was just wondering if what was good for the gander was good for the goose.

    I really like Elder Scott. I talked to him for just a bit during one Mission presidents’ seminar at the MTC. Later when my inlaws were set apart as MPs, we went to E. Scott’s office for it. He’s a lot shorter and stouter in person than you’d imagine.

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