Recycled Posts on Criticism

The topic of “criticism” of Church leaders has arisen again in the blogs in response to three recent important talks: 1) Elder Holland’s Oct 2009 General Conference address on the Book of Mormon, 2) Elder Oaks’ BYU-I talk about preserving religious freedom, and 3) Elder Hafen’s remarks on “same sex attraction.”

In trying to formulate my own thoughts about the role of criticism in the church, I went back to look at some things that FPR bloggers, including myself, had said on this topic before. Many of these posts attempt to lay a foundation for a critical stance toward the church that is fully inside, while attempting to account for the conditions in which such criticism is possible, but also seeking its limits. I offer them for your enjoyment and consideration as well.

Testimony and Ethics

The Cultural Critic as Apologist

Cultural Capital and Critical Space

Righteous Dissent?

Faithful Dissent

Spiritual Twinkies and Acceptable Criticism

On Criticism

Scholars and Prophets

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