New Guest Blogger: David B.

We are pleased to announce that David B. will be joining us. David is an expert in ancient near eastern and biblical studies (seriously, ask him anything). We are very excited for his contributions here. Welcome, David!

6 Replies to “New Guest Blogger: David B.”

  1. Hey David! Good to see you here in the bloggernacle finally. You aren’t the only Poway stake alum in these parts but you may our first Ramonan (Ramona-ite?) to post. I hope the FPR crew talks you into staying.

  2. Hey thanks for the warm welcome. Great to run into so many friends here. Special shout out to Geoff J, my Poway Stake brother. Hope all is well.

  3. Wow, Ramona, small world. I grew up in the El Cajon stake and had a crush on a girl from Ramona at one point. Her name was Kelly I think. We ended up in the same ward freshman year at BYU. Small world.

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