Religiously Motivated Coverups

And you thought I was going to say something about Mountain Meadows, right?

Nope.  I am not feeling serious today.

This is an Airbus 340-600, painted in, possibly, the colors of the Iranian national airline, ETIHAD.  Apparently, some gentlemen from Abu Dhabi lost control of it on their first attempt to maneuver on the ground and crashed it into a blast barrier.  That’s $200 million in scrap metal, right there.  But it’s hard to find any info on it because apparently the story is deemed insulting to Muslims and so is closely guarded.

The best laid plans of mice and Muslims and all that…  Here’s another good picture:

At least we know it wasn’t being driven by a woman…

11 Replies to “Religiously Motivated Coverups”

  1. I’m guessing something on the plane says “Allah” and therefore the wreckage represents a desecration of God’s name. Or something like that.

  2. Didn’t the Iranians do a missile test not too long ago, where it turned out that the Iranian news agency had done some photo-shopping of a photograph of the launch to conceal the fact that several of the missiles were duds?

  3. Hm. Never thought about the possibility that “Allah” might be on the plane somewhere.

    And yes, the Iranians did pencil-whip a recent missile launch. After they were discovered, others improved on their work here and here.

  4. Hm. So the part about a news blackout is the unsubstantiated element. And I see that the identity of the gentlemen onboard is also disputed in some circles. Now I wonder how the whole thing got started.

  5. I thought this would be a discussion of how religion shapes one’s ideas about modesty and clothing (cover-ups) to maintain it. I’ve always wondered how short can a Zoroastran’s shorts be. Guess I’ll keep wondering….

  6. For you Brian J, I have spent a good twenty seconds googling “Zoroastrian” and “dress code”

    I am pleased to report that Zoroastrians have no dress code. This is because they “do not subscribe to the view that the lustful feelings of men are so uncontrollable that the mere sight of an unveiled woman would let them loose.”

    So, um, why is there a dress code at BYU? Eh? You brutes!


  7. Airbus Chief Operating Officer said that seven Etihad employees were among the injured. It was normal for the client to be present on board the plane. But Etihad Airways denied their employees were injured, saying the injured worked for a firm contracted to test the plane.

  8. Coverup? So it seems. Was religious fervor involved? Maybe. Mostly it appears to be an honest mistake involving a lack of experience and a failure to read and completely understand the manual.

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