Twas the Morning After SBL

Do you remember Christmas morning as a kid? That pile of loot from Santa followed by that pile of loot from everybody else? Do you remember the anticipation, not just about what was in your pile, but those of your siblings?

Well, it’s kinda like Christmas around here this morning. We’ve opened our tote bags after our weekend fun at the Society for Biblical Literature and here’s what SBL Santa brought us.

HP’s pile:

The Bible with Sources Revealed, Richard Elliot Friedman (God’s words in red, naturally)
Exodus 19-40, (AB 2a) William H.C. Propp
The Memoirs of God, Mark S. Smith

Mogget’s stack (it’s not as obscene as it looks cause some of ‘em are small):

Narrative Criticism of the NT, James L. Resseguie
Rereading Paul Together, ed. David E. Aune
The Semantics of Biblical Language, James Barr
Apostle Paul: his life and theology, Udo Schnelle
The Shape of Luke’s Story, Robert Tannehill

David J.’s loot:

Chieftains of the Highland Clans: a history of Israel in the twelfth and eleventh centuries, Robert D. Miller II
Hebrew fascicles of Joshua and Judges, God

LXXLuthor’s booty (very boring, but we’re working with him):

Septuaginta, edition altera, Rahlfs-Hanhart
Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint, Lust, Eynikel, Hauspie
On the wish list for next year: Hatch-Redpatch, of course!

Yes, we’re bible dorks.

9 Replies to “Twas the Morning After SBL”

  1. The Dominance of Evangelicalism, by David Bebbington.

    The Making of American Liberal Theology: idealism, realism, and modernity, by Gary Dorrien.

    And my personal favorite: Wesley for Armchair Theologians, by William Abraham.

    In conclusion: That’s SBL/AAR for two more years, I’ll have you remember. And I met HP and Dave J. Why didn’t I meet either of the other two?

  2. Merry Christmas to all! I way overspent my budget and brought home about 10 books from SBL in San Antonio a few years ago… The Bookanalia and meeting other people are the two real high points of the conference.

  3. OK, TT! Spill it. We want to know just HOW dorky you are… 😉

    Hey Ben! The only reason this list isn’t far longer is because we’ve all done the “ten book” thing before. It’s not that we didn’t want to do it again, but that we’re waiting for regular employment in order to afford. Someone told us that when that times comes, we’ll no longer have time to read ten books. But we don’t believe them. The light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train. Promise.

    Why didn’t I meet either of the other two?

    Hi Matt. Actually, you did meet us. We just didn’t introduce ourselves by our handles. Sorry about that, but it’s good to see you around here.


  4. I met you, Mog? Are you positive? I think that would have been emblazoned on my memory. Wait – were you the person in the exhibit hall with Justin?

  5. Very dull in person, eh? At least when I’m wandering around looking at books. And now if you’ll just make one more leap you’ll have us all.

  6. LXX, one question for you: if you’re a LXX guy, I mean a for real one, why did you now come around to actually buying an LXX and its associated lexicon in your final year of school? Shouldn’t that have happened long ago?

    Curious minds want to know.

  7. Truth is I’m not a “real” LXX man, just an aspiring one. Whether I get to remain LXX Luthor will depend on which grad school accepts me, assuming any do. Remember, I’m still an undergrad, no room for specialization yet. And besides, who’s gonna support an LDS bad guy like LXX Luthor?

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