March Mormon Doctrine Madness: The Championship Game!

Here it is. Your votes have determined that these are the two most influential forces in Mormonism today.

1 – The Book of Mormon vs. 11 – Restoration of the Priesthood

Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?
The Book of Mormon
Restoration of the Priesthood
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14 Replies to “March Mormon Doctrine Madness: The Championship Game!”

  1. Restoration all the way. For as wonderful as it is, the Book of Mormon isn’t the clincher. Just look at all the Mormon Splinter groups. The BoM also left without latter authorized revelation is not too disimilar from any other trinitarian testiment.

  2. I said the Book of Mormon for both its theological and devotional importance. I believe the “power flowing” concept applies in important ways. I just think that it is more effective for personal conversion than a knowledge of the restored priesthood.

    Having said that, there is a strong argument to be made regarding the necessity of the restored priesthood once you are converted.

  3. Priesthood authority all the way. Take it away and the world is back into apostasy — take away BoM and we still have three other canonized books plus the ability to get more.

  4. I had to vote fr the restoration of the Priesthood because without that, no baptisms, no temple work, no prophet in authority, etc. If we had the BoM w/o the Priesthood, we’d have a wonderful religion, but no where to go with it.

  5. Again it seems to me that people are confusing important with influential. There is a distinction. If the question were about importance I would vote for priesthood restoration. It isn’t. I voted for the Book of Mormon.

  6. random John. Totally, dude. I’m the same way. The question is what is causing me to vote the way I do. If it were for importance, and it were up to me, the finals would be Lowell Bennion vs. Bruce McConkie, in which case Bennion takes McConkie and pile drives him Zangief style. Don’t say this over at Iron Rod, or you’ll get bludgeoned.

  7. Book of Mormon for me, on either importance or influence. The BoM is the major driving force behind missionary work (which counts for influence) and was also the agent of my personal conversion (which counts for importance).

  8. This polling place should be closing any minute…unless someone petitions the Supreme Judge to keep it open…

    Meantime, let’s have a sneak review of David J’s predictions:

    4. Watch out for #11 — restored priesthood authority. Many former missionaries who will be voting found the third discussion their favorite, and I expect that to reflect in some of the voting in bracket 1 as well.

    2. The Book of Mormon is a good pick

    Hmmmm. Was that wordiness in the Restoration paragraph serious or tongue-in-cheek?

  9. A false dichotomy. This is not an either or situation. Neither of these is worth anything without the other. The Prophet Joseph said the Book of Mormon is the keyston, yet we have no religion without the priesthood.

  10. Bill, thanks for dropping by. The truth is that we knew these were non-sensical choices. That was partly what made it fun to try and answer them.

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