March Mormon Doctrine Round Two Wrap-up or “Clearly, we are in apostasy”

Yesterday’s results:
9 – Gordon B. Hinckley 19
4 – Joseph F. Smith 3

11 – Mormon Doctrine 14
2 – The Bible 8

10 – Relief Society 13
3 – The Church Educational System 8

12 – Saving Ordinances 12
16 – The Companionship of the Holy Ghost 11

So, the Sweet Sixteen teams and their matches are:
On the 20th,
1 – Joseph Smith vs. 3 – Bruce R. McConkie
10 – Tithing and Consecration vs.
1 – The Book of Mormon vs. 3 – The Doctrine and Covenants
10 – The Relief Society vs. 12 – The Young Men’s Program

On the 21st,
9 – Gordon B. Hinckley vs. 11 – Hugh W. Nibley
9 – Word of Wisdom vs. 11 – Restoration of Priesthood Authority
8 – The 2nd Official Declaration vs. 11 – Mormon Doctrine
4 – Temple Building vs. 6 – Sacrament Meeting

I am once again shocked at some of the voting. Obviously, the seeding committee needs to be fired. How did all those double digits wind up in the Sweet Sixteen?

On a more serious note, is this an accurate read of what we really think? Because if Mormon Doctrine really has replaced the Bible, I would think that we think that the church is in serious trouble (I say this as someone who has no institutional problem with Elder McConkie).

3 Replies to “March Mormon Doctrine Round Two Wrap-up or “Clearly, we are in apostasy””

  1. John, agreed. I think we’re being a bit pessimistic. I mean, with this crowd, I fully expect McConkie to take out Joseph Smith.

  2. Eric, the tension, I think, is that Joseph Smith, as he was, really doesn’t fit in with the modern church. The institutions and authority he revealed certainly are ultimate, but even how they were in his day are foreign to us. I think that this “crowd” is a bit more familiar with the historical Joseph and vote accordingly.

    That said, I think McConkie should have won the vote 25 years ago, but not today. Joseph wins next week.

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