Historical Mormon Smackdown: Auxiliary Edition [Corrected; Please vote again]

It appears that although we are meant to pay closer attention to the teachings of the current prophet, this does not extend to his wife. No matter; we plow ahead.

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Auxiliary Edition! [Corrected]
Who has more influence on your church experience: Bonnie D. Parkin or A. Roger Merrill?

Bonnie D. Parkin, General Relief Society President

A. Roger Merrill, General Sunday School President

Vote Below and Discuss:

This poll was corrected after Justin, whose research skills far outweigh my own, pointed out that GA’s are no longer in the Sunday School Presidency and that Elder Bateman (to be particular) was no longer the Sunday School President (which makes the whole darn thing work better to my mind anyway).
The poll is closed until I can figure out what is wrong with it.

11 Replies to “Historical Mormon Smackdown: Auxiliary Edition [Corrected; Please vote again]”

  1. As always, I am curious about the voting. I think I understand it if I push the “presidency of the seventy” in with the Sunday School presidency, but otherwise they are almost a draw to me.

    I went with Sis. Parkin, because I am in Nursery and haven’t attended Sunday School for a long time.

  2. This one is a gimme. The RS manuals and RS intruction now fall under the perview of the priesthood. Consequently as the chair of the SS is in the priesthood hierarchy he holds more influence.

  3. Hm, well, if you read this in terms of your meeting house experience, lesson manuals, and heirarchy, then it’s President Bateman all the way.

  4. Hm, well, that last post came out sounding rather passive-aggressive.

    What I’m getting at is that I think RS has more impact at lower levels. Now whether than can be tied to the general president of the organization or not is something I’ll have to think about.

  5. Elder Bateman is no longer the Sunday School President (as of April 2004). Members of the Sunday School and Young Men general presidencies are no longer being called from the Quorums of the Seventy.

  6. Justin,
    It still states that he is the Sunday School President at the DesNews. I actually had a rather hard time figuring out who it is. If it isn’t President Bateman, who is it?

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