Please Welcome Rob

FPR is pleased to announce the appointment of my brother Robert to perma-blogger status. Please feel free to welcome him to the blog.

Robert is a board-certified MD in rural Missouri with too much spare time. Although his online persona thusfar may make him seem like “House,” he is really much more like “Marcus Welby” (by which, I mean, old).

In the interest of keeping all posts from becoming bitter flame wars inspired by sibling rivalry, please feel free to keep commenting (additionally, please feel free to point out that I am right).

7 Replies to “Please Welcome Rob”

  1. However, you may not feel free to mock my poor writing. I hereby ban myself from using the phrase “please feel free” ever again. Please feel free to point it out when I do. Posted by John C.

  2. Welcome, Rob…your posts are so thoughtful and inspiring, I always weep profusely for joy after reading each one.Please honor us again by dispensing wisdom and insight.

  3. John & Rob:Are you related to Eean Crawford…also of Orem? I worked EFY with him a few years ago & he’s been a great friend ever since. Gotta love redheads. Just curious. ~~ Stephanie

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