Historical Mormon Smackdown: Aspiring President edition!

Now on a new day and time!

This week’s contest is inspired by the news of late. Enjoy:
Which recent presidential aspirer has done more to impact the perception of the Church: Mitt Romney or Orrin Hatch?

Romney: “fixed” the Salt Lake Olympics, become a Republican governor in Mass, appears ambiguous on some key social issues, sure is purty

Hatch: has been a senator for a long, long time; constantly appears on “talking-heads” type shows; pro-stem cell research/anti-flag burning; those awful, awful songs.

That’s it folks, get your political fix here. Vote to the right or below and discuss these almost-rans (or might-runs) here.

One Reply to “Historical Mormon Smackdown: Aspiring President edition!”

  1. aspirer? aspirant? elephant?Bro. Hatch, hands-down. Bro. Romney is a relative newcomer, and, except in Massachusetts and Utah, I would think largely unknown on the national stage. His upside however, is that he has not yet reached his peak, as Orrin has.

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