Historical Mormon Smackdown: Sports Trivia edition!

So, it turns out that Orson Pratt is more influential than Heber C. Kimball. Take that Geoff and Jeff!

On to the show!
Who is the more influential LDS Athlete: Steve Young or Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin?

Steve Young: star quarterback in the WAC, USFL, and the NFL; a scrambler leftie; didn’t go on a mission; seems to be a generally nice guy; took a long, long time to get married, causing some…um…speculation.

Elder Wirthlin: played running back for the Utah Utes in the 1930’s in his freshman, sophomore, and junior seasons (and is supposed to have been really good); skipped his senior year of college to go to a mission to Austria…in 1936; hasn’t played since, but seems to be rather busy; has been married for a long, long time, causing…um…no speculation.

Okay, you know how it works. Vote below or to the right and write your comments below.

8 Replies to “Historical Mormon Smackdown: Sports Trivia edition!”

  1. C’mon. What Mormon athlete when presented with an “opportunity” to play on sunday hasn’t at least thought “Well Steve Young does it!”? Add this to the fact that bares his fore father’s name “Young”, the fact that he’s on all kinds of commercials and is very well known for being Mormon, there is no contest. Posted by Jeffrey Giliam

  2. Well, I’m partly curious to see if people are willing to vote against the apostle. So far, my evil plan seems to be working. Posted by John C.

  3. Well, if he hadn’t been sidelined by a 2 1/2-year mission, “Speedy” Wirthlin could have been bigger than “Whizzer” White OR Steve Young. Tough break.But Elder Wirthlin is far more influential due to his position. Millions watch him on television each April and October and millions read his words in the Ensign. What has Steve Young done lately other than make a cameo appearance in “Singles Ward”? Posted by Justin

  4. Influential among what audience? In the world or overall US Steve Young hands down. In the worldwide Church Elder Withlin (what do most of the non-US members care about American football). In the Church US only … that’s more of a tough call… What do you mean by influential? Perhaps the test should be who out when Steve Young was playing during a talk by Elder Wirthlin on a Conference Sunday — Steve or Elder Wirthlin… Posted by Geoff J

  5. A couple million people may watch Elder Wirthlin for five minutes two weekends a year, but tens of millions watch Steve Young for 17 weekends in a row in the fall. Sure, he doesn’t expound on Adam-God but he does have some interesting insights into the Patriots’ defense. Posted by NFlanders

  6. i’m glad to see i gave Steve Young a healthy 2 vote lead…this may be the craziest poll i’ve ever participated in; thanks Of course, to settle this, we could stage a charity wrestling or boxing match between the two. Not to the death of course; all in good fun Posted by APJ

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