Historical Mormon Doctrine Smackdown! [edited]

Well, the will of the people has been made known and the goatee was too important to be ignored. I’m sure this will come up in Relief Society in a couple of years.

This week, we will try something a little different:
Historical Mormon Doctrine Smackdown!

Which of the following two uncanonized yet influential bits of prophetic discourse is more influential in the church nowadays: The King Follett Discourse or The Family: A Proclamation to the World?

The King Follett Discourse has more information about family relations in the eternities than we really seem to know what to do with

The Family: A Proclamation to the World has both too much and too little information regarding family relations in this world (or just the right amount, depending on who you ask, I’m sure).

Please vote in the blogpoll on the right. Please comment on this our democratic process below.

6 Replies to “Historical Mormon Doctrine Smackdown! [edited]”

  1. If you consider what is goin on *now*, the proclamation has a much larger influence. I consider the cultural portions of the proclamation and compare it with our history, I think that it is safe to say tha much of it is temporal and mutable. The comparable analysis of the KFD yields something with a much more lasting effect. Posted by J. Stapley

  2. J, I think the reason we have the Proclamation is due to attempts to understand some of the implications of the KFD (along with other Joseph revelations) Posted by John C.

  3. I voted for “none of the above.” The proclamation is frequently quoted in General Conference. I see frequent references to it in the Ensign. BYU devotes an entire class to studying it. Books have been written on it. People frame it and place it on the walls of their home (I inscribed the POTF text on a sheet of tumbaga which I nailed to my living room wall). It’s popular right now. I think the KFD is more important and foundational than the POTF. I don’t think we’d lose much if we set aside the POTF in the future.

  4. So the consensus seems to be that The Proclamation is more influential at the moment but that King Follett should be (at least, that’s the consensus this far into the voting).Does anyone else see something wrong with this? Posted by John C.

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