Don’t miss this deal at Education Week

Sources confirm that Alonzo Gaskill’s book, The Lost Teachings of Jesus on the Sacred Place of Women, is for sale again at the BYU bookstore in Provo — after it was publicly exposed as a deception more than five years back, after Deseret Book stopped selling it, and after Gaskill himself was forced to say sorry or whatever. As of press time, there were about a dozen copies on display for Education Week. If you hurry, you could still snag one to add to your shelf of modern fiction masquerading as ancient scripture.

3 Replies to “Don’t miss this deal at Education Week”

  1. Someone should alert his dean and BYU admin that this man is a fraud, a plagiarist, and an unrepentant liar. Oh wait…

  2. Thanks a lot. I looked at the description of this thing on Amazon, and now my recommendations are filled with other Gaskill titles.

  3. There is news recently of Deseret Book taking action after learning that one of their books plagiarized Ardis P.’s research. See

    I’m happy justice occurred in this case. Yet why doesn’t anyone seem to care about Alonzo’s plagiarism? Have there been any consequences for him? He continues to be a star at BYU’s education week; the church’s bookstore continues to sell his books, etc. All of this despite proof of plagiarism, and the likelihood of a fake academic degree.

    Why all the attention about the obscure “Did You Know … 501 Fascinating Facts From Church History,” when one BYU’s most celebrated religion professors has done far worse?

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