A Meek Suggestion

BYU faculty have been admonished again this week that BYU must be a great university but not after the manner of the worldly universities. This morning’s leaked video of BYU football players who have clearly had too much of their own entitlement to drink brings into sharp focus an area where there is room for immediate improvement. Clearly BYU’s fixation on winning and garnering lucrative ESPN contracts is not producing results that benefit the cause of moral superiority to which it so incongruously aspires. Perhaps BYU would be better off if it were to repent entirely—and in all meekness, thank you Elder Bednar—of its glory-seeking NCAA competition teams.

3 Replies to “A Meek Suggestion”

  1. 1) I see one player, not “players”. Seeing double is a symptom of having too much to drink, I think.

    2) The player in question has apparently been punished by the law and by the Honor Code Office. Some “entitlement”.

    3) You seem to be drawing strong conclusions about a population from a small sample size. If you’d like to visit us over on the STEM side of campus, we’d be glad to educate you about why this is a problem.

  2. Alternative interpretation.

    Football player gets suspended for a year from all extracurricular activities for something a regular student would get a slap on the wrists for.

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