Kristen Cox: BYU and Md

Shout out to the ‘Nacle and particularly the Nacle’s feminists. Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich (R) has selected Ms. Kristen Cox as his running mate to replace Lt. Governor Mike Steele who now is running for the U.S. Senate.

Why should the Nacle care? Ms. Cox is a 1995 graduate of BYU with a B.A. in educational psychology; certificate in special education. Oh yeah. One more thing: Ms. Cox is legally blind.

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  1. Yeah, it oughta be an interesting campaign. As far as I can see, this is her first try at an elected office and the pressures of campaigning.

    On one hand, I wonder if she’ll have the “cunning” it seem to take to survive in that world since she’s go no experience. On the other hand, some of the nastiness and junvenile behavior so characteristic of political discourse is going to sound even stupider than usual when directed at a blind woman.

    So we shall see…

  2. Today’s Washington Times identifies Mrs. Cox as a Mormon who lives in Towson (just north of Baltimore). She was born on September 19, 1969 and has a husband, Randy, and two sons, Tanner, 10, and Riley, 1. So she would have been 25 or so when she graduated from BYU.

  3. As a MD native (now dwelling in Idaho), I will still be hoping for a Democratic win in Maryland. My feminist side would be please to see an LDS female on the scence.

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