The New Me

After about a week of retirement, I have decided to come back (technically, it took less time than that). Honestly, I have conflicting emotions regarding my return, but I feel like this is the right thing for me right now (much to my own surprise, even).

That said, I am moving away from using my own name. Not that I am ashamed of my writing here and not that I am ashamed of my association with you all, but I feel that such is in the best interests of my family. In any case, from here on out I should like to generally be referred to as HP. It is an acronym that I find apt. Should you wish further explanation, please email me at hpsoandsos at gmail dot com and I will reveal to you the true meaning of my newly-minted moniker.

I should also point out that I am also no longer in charge around here. We are a collective (at least, I think we are).

In any case, I appreciate your patience with my brief mental/moral/spiritual breakdown (“breakdown – breakthrough”). I’ll get back to posting silly web-polls next week.

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  1. Wow, are you a Harry Potter fan?

    Working 9 to 5 down at Hewlett-Packard?

    Um, fancy a game of Hot Potato?

    FHL, running out of High Performance HorsePower

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